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Weekend Girlfriend

Erick Macek

Well, I met this little girly
And she's so fine
But I do not get to see her until weekend time
But then the weekend comes
And she be actin' so sweet
You know behind closed doors
I'm gonna make her feel complete

She is my weekend girlfriend
She is my love
We got that chemistry
But only 2 days to make love
She is my weekend girlfriend
And I love her so
She gives me sweet, sweet lovin'
That leaves me wanting more

I've got to wine and dine
To hit that booty from behind
I gotta do what I can
Before that credit card scans

But I've only got 2 days
I gotta work it real smooth
Gotta keep her occupied
So I can get her in the mood

Well, it's a candle light dinner
And a movie to go
I gotta buy her all her drinks
Cause that's the way the she rolls

I cannot help but wonder
What am I here for
Words can't explain
The shit that happens behind closed doors (a little bit of this É a little bit of that)

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