Walk Away

Erick Macek

It's a sinister world we live in
When things don't seem to go our way
In this world no one can hurt you
In the end it's all the same

In the midst of subtle sorrows
You're bound to change and not know why
So kind you are only to leave me
Some things are better left undone

Now's my chance to prove myself, I know
There's nothing i can't do in time

You can always ask me questions, I know
You can always tell me if i'm wrong, won't be the first time
Cause i've been around, you know
And i might know a thing or two
So don't be afraid to walk away

I failed to see as you took a little piece of me
And i'm still holding on to nothing
I'm a simple mind, and with that hope i am confined
And all these (hopeless) notions
they come alive

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