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Train In London

Erick Macek

Stepped off the train in London
And I don't know where i was
I got this awful feeling
The feeling of being left alone

I'm trapped in this world
With no where to go
Yet i look around me
Opportunity shown

But i'm not a patient man
I don't consider myself a patient man
And yet i know this, i know this
And i still get by

So then i wonder why, oh yeah i wonder why
She's not here

Well, my love, it was so easy to leave
Just pick up and go
But living without you
Is harder i know

Take me to a place where i don't know
Take me to a place to embrace my soul
And i go to a place where i have no ties
As i walk along my breath to release my cries (her lies)

I'm a lonely man, a lonely man today
Yes, I'm a lonely man, i'm a lonely man, when it comes to love

And i'll tell you this, it was a cold december
In my heart
Take me away from here
Take me away from here
And i wanna see and i wanna be
A man of many wonders

Candy man, why don't you take me away
To somewhere i want to go
Well you choose the path
I'll find my way back
In hopes i'm a changed mani think of all the good times
And i think of all the good we've had
But sometimes, i don't think at all
And i lie to myself about you
To try to move on with out you

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