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Saturday Night

Erick Macek

Saturday night, it's in my head
Drinking brews till no end
We're telling stories about the days of young
Reminiscing how we were dumb (had fun)

Remember the good times , they're shared with the bad
And how our families weren't so bad
And hey! Life goes on
And hey! it's time to move on

To all the times we shared, just you and i
Remembering the day(s), when we first met
And counting the days down, where, we'll move on
No hardships in mind, just saturday nights live on

New beginnings they'll come and they'll go
No matter who you are, or where you are from
But look around you, tell me what do you see
Looking at these places, where would i wanna be, yeah yeah

Don't forget the days where we felt alive
And the tears that we didn't want to cry (just couldn't hide)
But don't you worry, cause it's all part of life
And our memories will make everything alright everything alright

And hey! Life goes on
And hey! it's time to move on

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