On My Way

Erick Macek

Sunday in the morning
As i wake up next to you
I contemplate my future
And the things that i've been through

Well yesterday i drank too much
But what's this world want from me
I'll tell you if i keep this up
That'll be the end of me
(there'll be nothing left of me)

Hey now! i'm on my way
Hey now! well it's ok
I loved you once, but either way
Feelings felt (for you) are gone today

Everything i want
Is well out of my reach
But everything i need
Is right in front of me

Look not at the places
But the people that you're with
Cause that's where memories are made
It's reality not myth

Silent praises gratify
The intentions that i need
But this talent that i dwell upon
Expectations may exceed

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