On My Mind

Erick Macek

What you may not know
May never hurt you
But it's killing me inside

The way that I look at you
And wait for you to look back (at me)
There's something so innocent

Let me inside your mind
And I'll find my way to your heart
I know that I would

Cause every time I'm with you
I cannot help but smile
You're my positive energy

And I want you to know
You're always on my mind
And I want you to feel that
You'd be safe by my side

Cause that's where I want you to be
Just know
You're always on my mind

The way you look , the way you feel
Your scent that makes me want you more
(Your scent, the sweetness and some more)
The way you move and smile at me
It's all what I've been waiting for

But what I must realize
You can't be mine
So I must forget you and move on
But what I must realize
Is that you can't be mine
But until then, I'll just dream on

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