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No One Said It Was Easy

Erick Macek

no one said it was easy,but no one said it should be hard
crushed by you, while others sense my pain
only fair to those who (don't) see/feel
i let my walls come down...only to be hurt again

dulling the pains which can't be handled
dulling the pains with empty hope of what can't be seen

hope is hard to handle, when you can't trust yourself
you just made me realize
how things can change in a momentÕs time

but we're dead in the water
the more i try, the cycle begins...there is nothing left to say
and all i get is further away

why do you keep on trying – why won't you let me be
i told you that there is no one here left for me
it's kid of funny how a girl can change your ways
your feeling, thoughts, emotions change from day-to-day
at some point in life – i would like for you to see
you are a pretty girl and you mean too much (more) to me
it's kind of funny what people will sometimes say
in the heat of the moment things will seem ok

baby...i am here
baby... please stay near
'cause i'm falling for you here

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