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Mystery Of Oklahoma

Erick Macek

When you're following your heart
And things just seem to fall apart
Words can't change her feeling
And as you think of what you heard
There's nothing to be learned

I thought it could be easy
I thought it could be true
But when the time had really come
It was all just up to you
And though that time was in her hands
She just didn't understand
Her heart was left in Oklahoma

Throw a stone and watch the waters bleed
Constant change runs through my head
And like that stone, it falls below
Like i fell into your eyes
And you, you fell into my heart

I'm holding on to nothing
But in my heart there's you
I fail to see reality
Cause i'll never give up on you
Soon her felling will pass
As she will never turn back
Cause it's all a mystery in Oklahoma

With each drink, i bid to you
That i'll never love again
With the feelings i felt (left) for you
All the time i spent with you
As you look into her eyes
She will never compromise
Her mind was left in Oklahoma

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