Live My Life

Erick Macek

Bouncing 'round the room
There's no where else to turn
And every time I hide, there's too much to be learned

Like keep your head on straight
And be patient in what you do
Never give up dreaming
And keep your goals out in front of you

Some days they may bring you down
So keep your chin up high
People, they may knock you down
But just get up and don't ask why

You gotta keep on asking questions
To find out what you truly love
Sometimes you gotta dig on deeper
But I'll tell you never give up

I wanna live my life, I wanna live my life, I wanna live my life! yeah
I wanna live my life, I wanna live my life, I wanna live life

You gotta live life, you gotta love life, you gotta breathe life
I wanna live mine, do you wanna live yours?

Bouncing 'round the room
Random thoughts in my head
Every time I hide there's too much to be said

You can live your life so safely
But that's not the way I live
I'm gonna keep on taking chances
I found a talent that I wanna give

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