It's Alright

Erick Macek

We're frolicking in the sun as playful thoughts cross our minds
We're all just wishfull thinking in the heat of the sun
And we kick around the sand as the oceans collide
And we wonder why some people like it cold outside
But that's the beauty of our differences it's all alright

The trees are swaying and I'm about to play in the sand
As the sun's silk colors us tan
We're all drinking and laying low
No stress on our minds, today's alright

I, with no stress on our minds,
Imagine all the places we can run and hide
Too much thought goes through our minds each day
Just keep your head on straights and we'll be ok
It's all alright

Don't mislead your thoughts astray
Ease your mind the life of yesterday
Breathe it all in today
Let all your worries fade away
We'll be ok

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