Erick Macek

Time stands still
As i feel alone
There's no one to turn to
But this bottle by the phone

I'm walking alone in these halls of innocense
Where you look for comfort
But there's no one
In this existence

And i am not alive
With or without you by my side

I curl up inside
As i feel no comfort here
I feel so stranded
As this world's just running all over you

You can't fight back
You feel you're not strong enough
But you try oh God you try all the time
But you fail over and over again

What to do inside your head
Cause nothing seems to make sense of it all
I'm running wild, as this world crashes down on me
When doves I cry, i wonder why

Ugh Oh!
Sometimes this world is not fair to me
I felt alive, but not today, not by any means
So much pressure, just running through my head today (again)

Why won't just someone reach out to me (oh yeah)
Why won't anyone
Why won't anyone just come
Out and reach on to me tonight again

I never felt this way before
Please God, someone, send an angel upon your wings
Cause i feel so helpless today

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