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Guys Night Out

Erick Macek

Got up this morning, didn't know what to do
Called all the boys for us to drink some brews
We made our plans, went out on our way
As i cracked a beer open to begin my day
Oh! the guys night out

Well, later that day i went on my way
Grabbed a couple cases so that we could (all) pregame
We met at my place, so we can all embrace
A couple more brews before we clear out this space

Alright boys let's gather 'round
Everybody's here so let's drink another round
(drink up so we can shoot another round)
Grab the cards and shuffle the deck
So we can play our favorite game "gauntlet"
Agh...get drunk tonight

So we head out the door as we're ready to go
We rumage the town as if to put on a show
So put your "game-face" on cause here we come
Smiling away as we're all just acting dumb
Wwe're gonna find some girls

I say hey
And you say ha
Everybody knows it's the guys night out!
So girl's watch out! cause here we come
And i'm gonna find me a girl

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