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Daydream Fantasy

Erick Macek

I'm laying near the ocean
On a sunday afternoon
In the middle of the ocean
With nothing better to do
I got a good thing goin'
With this girl that i just met
I thought she was an angel
With a pink top on her chest

She had the most beautiful tan
That i had ever seen
She suddenly became
Part of my daydream fantasy
Oh! how i wanted her to become my girl
But she said she was taken
Like the ocean holds its pearls

I met her for one day
She's gone now forever
Oh where did she go to?
Maybe one day she will be Fine
"But i doubt it!"

She had a little crooked tooth
Hat made her that much more
And her sailor's hat
Upon which she wore
She looked fine
That i could not resist

While living in my daydream
I dream of our first kiss

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