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Dancing In The Rain

Erick Macek

Feel like dancing out in the rain
One with nature as she cries today
When there's nothing to see, just feel
As the rain comes pouring down on me

I begin to see, i begin to see
This simple life all makes sense to me
Why just dance, why not sing
To some people that means everything

I wonder why, i feel so alive

Don't you see, don't you see
What this life means to me (how it entices me)
Let the rain just pour down on me

Let it rain, let it rain on me
It feels so good to just finally be
A man of value and not just per say
This precious life has taught me in many ways

Ease your mind, things aren't so complicated
Forget tomorrow, don't let the today get faded
You must take advantage, day by day
Cause we know not what may come our way

I'm dancing in the rain

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