Be My Answer

Erick Macek

So here we are now
Our eyes turn wild
Our souls collided
Through this moment in time
So there's no use fighting
Our cards on the table
Our hearts breathe heavy
A little bit unstable
Tomorrow's a new day
A new day coming
Lets help each other
With a little bit of loving
So let's take that next step right now!

Be my answer
Be my love
Be my lover
Till the day is done
With half eyes open
Let two become one
Let's live this moment
Till the day is done (morning comes)

The night grows weary
Our time is closing
The heat builds up now
No time for roses
Let's tangle tongues and cuddle
Maybe play a little puzzle
C'mon girl, don't be shy now right now!

Love has no lies
And love has no ties
Don't be afraid to love
I'll kiss you sweet and softly

Continue to play off me
Don't be afraid to love
Let's live our days each moment
And then be on our way

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