Be Mine

Erick Macek

You say, that you love your man
So why do I keep trying
Yet every time you talk
I cannot help, But Smile!
I see your eyes, they connect with mine
And I can't help
I'm smiling

And these feeling that I feel
They grow deeper
My mind says STOP!
But I can't help, my heart won't let you go

Will you be mine
Can I be yours
I want to ask you É again
Will you be mine
Will you be mine
Will you be mine
Be Mine

The question rings in my head
Yet I don't have the heart, to ask you
If it feels so right
Why can't I let myself, go ahead, just ask you?
Every time I'm with you
You make me a better man!
Is it your touch?
Is it your kiss?
Look at me, your eyes they tell me

I wanna ask this one question
As it rings inside my head
Do you love me just a little
Cause I would do the best I can

To love you everyday, in each and every way
And I would hold you close and I would never let go
Of your love to answer my question

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