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Style Changer (Feat. Kardinal Offishall)

Eric Turner

I'm coming meet amazes
I love the charts with amazes
I'm a style changer inovator my ..changer
I'am let the people know me
I'am let the .. tell her
I'am g ..haters the fifty places I stay ..
I'ma need a size full of gold
I'ma let the eyes go
I'ma let the .. call ym name and hear my echoes
Ia'm be the first ..
I'ma be the last singer
I'ma let the ..make em call my name and hear my echoes
Echoes, echoes
Hear my echoes,
Echoes, echoes

Yeah, style changer
I change .. from the ghetto to first ..
To earn that baby mother money for the ..
Hiding that jacket they mouth starting the ..
Runnin the .. relate without ..
Send it for a trash you could thank us
..Of every urban aspirtaion
Starting on the world with no explanation
The reason why we's hard ..
.. With his arms crossed
..Making move people no ..
..Inovators in another club
Because the same style dont' make the .. in my hands
Money make friends style makes power
Style changes change powers

What a have the were not involving
I've been getting .. the dolphin
Rap it to the wavy
End up in the ocean
I'm the rhyme minister
You cna be devoted can't get enough
Guess I'm living in ..abotu oen
Always ..but I never ccrack
I was that kid making enough stuff
Full when I was .. you know when I was ..
I bet to go ..with the ghetto thta I've been in it
This is .. is the only new .. to my vision
When she hears my choose
I still the room
And this is no lie this is the whole truth
If I gave you my heart icoudl show you the proof

Hole up

They tell me yeah grip grip ..
I don't wanna.. I just wanna get dough
Tell was back in the ..
You go swag liek .. I'm like ..
My eyes can change ..
When you .. week days ..
On your own money .. bad time
..On grind my whole ..

You know the rules

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