White As Snow

Eric & Leslie Ludy

Alone and confuse
your heart is bruised from sin
Your joy is gone
from love come wrong
And you're trying to star again
I know that you've been hurt
and you don't know whom to trust
I won't pretend, I understand your pain
But I can see repentance in your eyes
and I know it's not too late
I hear Him calling your name

White as snow He has made you, white as snow
The moment you confessed His heart forgave
You might think you've ruined all the plans He had for you
But it's for that very reason Jesus saves
White as snow He has made you, white as snow
You're pure and inocent like a dove
and though you have done nothing to deserve His pardoning
you've been purified by Jesus' blood
White as snow, white as snow

The guilt and the shame is keeping you chained
not wanting to let you go
It's not how you dreamed, it's not how you planned
And you can't see that still there's hope
Receive His healings for your bruises
Receive His riches for your rags
You cannot imagine all the plans He has for you
So take His hand
and don't look back


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