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Touch Of Sin


Alone in the deepest dark of the night
Only two beams of light fading away
Just you and me in contraction and subtraction
Touching the sweet taste of sin
You are the beauty in flesh in blood
With the beast inside your womb

I feel the ecstasy in my legs now
More than any exotic alchemy
And my body now declines and
You lies besides my lost souls. (X2)

You are my precious queen
Drowned into the flames of hell
I am the beast in hungry
Waiting for your sweet flesh
My wish is your desire
And death is my gift
Come here and taste the price
For a touch of sin
Feel the pain
Wound inside

Outrageous, psychopath
I’m feeling without emotions
Bitterness from the past
Have turn my soul black
There’s no god inside me
I’ve trust in him
But he betrayed me
And I fell no remorse for anyone
For anyone.

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