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The Night Guests


When the light of day is gone
And the night starts to come
There’s a race who breathes new life
Form the ashes of the graves
To haunt the earth… into the night…

The night comes, the shadows are alive
With silent movements, they arise again
To haunt the earth into the night
Flying through the shadows

Diving into the night
Searching for those victims
Who heal their hungry
Hungry for the sweet blood
That makes them breath new life

Across the open fields
None have been found
Searching shelter in caverns
Sanctuaries and graves
Once haunted by the dead

You with painful hungry
Feeling weak and worst
For the lack of blood
I fell the pain inside
Of you my wonder race.

The night comes, the shadows are alive
With each silent move, they rise again to hunt the earth
I feel the pain
Inside of you

With powers of eternal life
Getting weaker in the light of the day
Living a life alone in the shadows
Hoping for a cold sun
Or a redemption of your soul

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