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The Kings Abode


Avalon, a virtual flash from the depths of light.
Avalon, a trip to the roots of our hearts
Avalon, is the island of eternal love

Avalon, the place where the king heal his wounds
Avalon, the universe living within us
Avalon. Known as the kings Arthur sky

The place where everything is in harmony
With the vital energy and its replacement
Where the fields grow in abundance
The fruits are sweet
The water is so clear
Avalon is the kingdom of the light
Living within our hearts

The story told after the battle with Mordred
The king almost lost his life, and he was taken to the island
And Morgana queen of the island
Could heal his wounds
So he will return to Camelot
Victorious once again

Avalon, the kingdom of the light, Avalon
Avalon, the universe living within us, Avalon

Avalon, the island of the eternal love, Avalon
You don’t need a word to talk about
Just take my hand and you will see the island
Everyone one keeps an Avalon inside
And believe me, when you’ll find the one
Inside of you that’s waiting for!
The universe will feast the return to Avalon.

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