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Enter The Reaper


I have felt it!
My time is gone around here,
And it wants to take me out from earth.
Sickness has invade my nearly dead body,
And its gonna possess it!

I have felt it!
Winds of fear has tread my own ground,
Bringing dead within.
The scared darkness and that murderer silence,
Its what i never wanted to see.

There’s no runaway from it
So let it descend for you
There is no way it cannot enter
So let it enter, it is for you!

The death s cold has made my body his own
I am not longer alone in this world
Cause the reaper has entered my soul
And there’s nothing else to fight for.

Once it has made its journey
Surely its time for another one
That will be surrounded by darkness
Life goes on, and the reaper play with it.

More souls awaits in the future
And the reaper will be there
Awaiting for the enter
The enter into your life.

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