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True Love Wars


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(A. Bell / V. Clarke)

See those eyes like stars
will fall from the sky.
Soaring through the icy
wastelands of space.

Tears on the window,
feeling the wind blow.
Rushing right trough you,
knows all that you do.

All is fair in true love wars.
All is fair in true love wars.

I guess I'm into feeling
higher lately.
Higher than I've ever been
this thing called love.

Like an angel of the wilderness descends.
The rain comes down
to wash the morning so fair.

Cries of hysteria,
fire coming near ya.
Cheers to the madness, sorrow and sadness.

All is fair in true love wars.
All is fair in true love wars.

Give me time to think it over,
give me room and space to breathe in.
Let me while away the hours,
to be sure to work it out.

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