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Smoke and Mirrors


Suddenly remember what we were dreaming of
Another time
A life a go
Held off your ambition put your faith in me
How could you know?

I was putting me first saw you self-destruct
My every wish
Was your command
And you believed that I believed in miracles
You'd make it work

How could I be so cruel to leave you without?
I pushed you aside
And you learnt to shout loud
And I was living my life
Couldn't see nobody but me
And I apologise to you now

But "sorry" won't be heard or make amends
I'd give my all to hold you once again

I was the only winner I just played my hand
Played 'em close
Didn't show
A game of smoke and mirrors we were locked into
With no way out

I just made the possible impossible
Lived for the day
All those little nothings
I regret them now
Turn to dust
Blow 'em way

Took all the light
Took all the love
Took everything left you in the background
Gave it up
You gave enough
I couldn't help the way I was thinking
How did it feel
When I let you down?
Spending your time wasted it on me
The higher we climbed the further we fell to the floor

Now "sorry" won't be heard or make amends
I'd give my all to hold you once again

Letra enviada por Marcus Liberani

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