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Climate Of Fear

Epoch Crysis

Look into the mirror, the only way you'll see
Behind you back is fear, it's wait prophecy
It's always will be chase you, like shadow in moonlight
But now the last light gone, and leave this fucking night

There nothing left to fear, though everywhere is dark
Now listen to me, clear? And try my words to mark
The fear will never leave you, so take a little brave
Cuz it will always chase you, from craddle to the grave

Climate of fear
Will never dissapear
It's always be pretending
That's all your hopes is near

Forever hiding in your mind
Will try to shred your sight to blind
So mark my words and take a break
Fear always feel your new mistake
So there is my new desire, before the sun set light
I wanna set the fire, to see how burning fright
Now all my pain is out, and I can take a breath

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