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Hello And Welcome


A Posteriori

Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome, at your risk.
You're always welcome, without guarantee
If you're so brave then face this tide
There is no mercy in this life
Now it's time to feel that it's here
What is fiction and whats reality

Hello and welcome, just look at me
Think about the future, it's still travelling
Too much confidence on what you have
They ain't are dear to feel this safe
Overload your destiny and you'll wake up behind it

Hello and welcome (welcome, welcome)
But its your risk
Your're always welcome (welcome)
To win your reality (hello hello hello and welcome)
Just look at me
Think about the future
It's still travelling (hello)
Hello, Just look at me
Just look at me
It's your destiny(Hello and welcome, Hello and welcome)

Hello Hello
Repeat until fade

Compositor: Michael Cretu

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