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The Truth Of The Angels

Engels Espíritos

Red, the sun setting
Red, a sun dying
In a sky of souls on fire
On the horizon in the end of the world
Reflexive, far away from everything

The last light, a fallen angel
Coming from the mud, emerging from the dust
Between abandon and omission
Between the pain and tears
Feelings and silence

Nobody wanted to feel his pain
Nobody wanted to see his misery
Nobody wanted to know his truth
Nobody wanted to know nothing about the truth of the angels

The world condemned him culting the fear
Walking over the shadows living without mercy
Between the fire and darkness
Between the lie and illusion
Nobody wanted to talk about forgiveness

Nobody wanted to see his fight
Nobody wanted to think in compassion
Nobody asked if he regretted
Nobody wanted to know his story
But all moment he was with God

Red, the sun setting
Red , a sun dying
In the sky, darkness swallowing the light
In the darkness the end of vision
Receiving the truth inside himself

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