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Returning To Fly

Engels Espíritos

What a shame you didn`t feel
What a shame you didn`t understand
I wail you didn`t reach
All my love, all my feeling

You trod on the roses of my garden
You knocked me down in the middle of flight
You threw all the life to an abyss
You threw my look to the infinity
But you can`t see my tears

Listen to me baby
You awoke my rage

Now my pain can destroy walls
Now my pain can explode castles
Now my pain can defeat armies
But it can`t change the story
It can`t be what it was before

I wail you didn`t find yourself
I wail you`re lost
What a shame you can`t feel
You can`t dream
You can`t fly

Nothing can be what it was before
Nothing can make me give up dreaming

Nothing is gonna make me lose the hope
You didn`t get it, you lost yourself
Nothing can destroy my soul
Nothing can destroy my life
I`m returning to fly

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