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Water Water

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Water, water is for washing
Vino tinto is for drinking
I hate when you get too high sometimes
And forget about existing
All the simple silhouettes in here
Make me nervous in my insides
Take my outsides for a ride
Any shape that you can twist them into tonight

Water, water is a privilege
Just like kids who go to college
There's a ring around your mouth now
Where you used to whisper knowledge
I miss all the things about you
When you're dreaming of an outlet
Take me with you when you trip next
It's so beautiful to see you
When no one's watching

You're just a heart to hold
You're easy to impress
I want to care much more
But I'm feeling less awake
You're just a heart to break
Easy to manipulate
I want to care much more
But I'm feeling less and less

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