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Keep It Steady


I saw you dancing like you need to forget
Did you forget did you forget
The way you got me with the side of your hip
It made me forget, made me forget
I've got an endless itch in the pit of my chest
I'm being my best, I'm weak in my chest
I've got the spine of a snake when it comes to my head
You're into my head

Are you ready
Are you ready or not
Keep it steady
While your heart is hot
We're going to freedom
In this parking lot
Are you ready
Are you ready or not

All the cars eyes are peaking out from the side
You see the headlights
I hear the engines cry
I fear the bullet coming close
From the one you know
Already jealous thug
Lets see who's having fun
I hear high groan
As you melt away
You lost the pain
In your pretty face
Mind's coming out as you hold me down
You suck the pain that I'm sending

All this is ending for now
While we wait in a cloud of unconsciousness
Maybe we are falling
It's all gonna happen again

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