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Tiger By My Side

Empire Of The Sun

Walking On A Dream

Dragon lips I say goodbye
But baby don’t you cry
Be too cool to ever be
With a tiger by your side

Money talks a single side
Paid my dues to move the tide
Caught the moonlight in my shoe
With a tiger by my side

Trekking through an open mind
I got a window in my spine
Felt the miracle in my stride over
Making music in my mind
I’m blending colours for the blind
Melt the pinnacle your times not over

Rabbit trips can take their time
But fun is fun and that’s alright
Diving deep as whales sleep
Counting heroes on my feet

Widow in a falling star
Healing scars with my guitar
Sirens speak to apple tree
And the tiger plays a part

Seen about a million roads
I’ve done the bong to Tokyo
I’ve been a clone and had a little luck
Swam across the golden sea a certain price of levity
It brings us up and only makes us sleep
Television changing channels telling people wearing flannels
Culture shocking walkways to the shore
Even though I never know and even though I never know
and even though I never want to know

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