Half Mast

Empire Of The Sun

Walking On A Dream

Come on now can we talk about it like we used to talk about
Hotel in the hills with a carousel
Farmhouse in the front a tractor in the lounge

Oh honey I need you round I know I know

Listen now can we talk in love and walk the town
Be easy now, go hiking through the hills in a summer gown
Raise the kids, peace within and make our sound

Hear me now, I’m down on knees and praying
though my faith is weak
without you so please baby please give us a chance
make a mends and I will stand until the end
a million times a trillion more

Oh honey I need you round I know I know

Smile baby don’t cry
I will only fly with you by my side
Baby I’m cornered now
Baby don’t push me out
Lately I walk in doubt
Maybe it’s crashing down
Baby can you save it now

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