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Pick It Up


Now everybody throw your hands in the air
Put 'em up put 'em up

[Verse 1 Eminem:]
I'm smacking, upslash, and keep the hoes in checking,
dubble last Slim Shady, this is real shit.
Sit back, relax, when my boys smocks crack.
I'm the big master, [Proof:] Can't u see thaaaat ??
Aww, yes I'm from the mothafuckinÂŽ Wild west.
Lift your shirt up, and tell me who's real best?
Everlast, girls three times at day three times at night,
I got G's full of criminals peooople,
Shut u down for revange, G.
Beat u down as we all know I do G.
Brothers like, Eminem change the stylaa.
Shut the fuck up I feel high for this SLUUUUTT!
Like everytimes smoke the herion.
Get back in this day shit and feel for more crack like kokain.
Listen, must we repeat ?
I'm not the one who write about bullshit,
and sell those drug shit, and fuck mothafuckasÂŽ who say that I'm talking shit.
Detroit sidney is where I grew up bitch.
Now peace for all my outsiders, and this world.
Fuck what u want this is three one third.

Put 'em up yaaa put 'em up put 'em up.
Say dr.dre (DR.DRE) dr.dre (DR.DRE)

[Verse 2:]
One two three and to the four,
Snoop Doggy Dog, and dre is after ya.
Ready to fight? go and get your back up.
And we about to fuck u upppp..
Gimme the microphone first, so I can fly like a bubble.
All those peices together, yo u know you're in trouble.
I'm sayinÂŽ nuttin but he says : (Fuck Dre).
We beat him G, so : (feel okay).
But back to the old shit and make this to a end.
Nervous is nervous, something u can't understand.
You never know my wife maybe could hurt a man.
Burn a man, and last thing, feel for learn this man.
And when she learn, I chill for a minute.
Ain't no bitch ass pussy on my fuckinÂŽ penis.
And thats really horny so my penis got harder,
Stronger bigger, so hard u wanna fuck her.
[Eminem & Proof:] PEACE!!

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