The Marshall Mathers LP 2

[Verse 1]
One thousand different houses and munchausen
I'mma make you wanna punch out some fuckin' one "ouch"
What the fuck'd you hit me for?
Scream life as I punch counter and bunches out of anger
I once encountered a stranger
In a dumb gown, black hood
What a sight
Shit I laughed in his face spit
Bitch gave me an extra life, like take this
Get your ass back in that game
Bitch don't take shit for granted
And don't take shit, give it!
Only bull you should take is by the horns
A mixture of Whitey Ford and mighty Thor
I Everlast, pen is mightier then sword
Finish writing then record
Replenish keep writing more
Nothing's riding on it but your privates
are you're fighting for
So you fight, scratch, you claw
Backs to wall
No one was there to catch you fall
You pick yourself back up, you dust your jacket off
You grab your balls, like they're? and
Ask yourself how fucking bad you want it
Pull out your pants, whoop your ass and flash it on em'
Nobodies gonna back you in the corner
Throw a hornet
No one's more ig-norant
then you fuckin' four in the morning you're at?
storming Like there's nothing that's more important
MC's you better consider this a formal warning
you're in for it Girl, what would you do if I said
your body was off the chain?
And I told you I smile every single time I saw your face
I ain't finished bitch
I meant in half, oil the blades
Nobody wants to play
They say I'm a spoiled little baby

Nobody put's baby in the corner
I'm only trying to warn ya
Cus that baby get's mad
And get's to throwing a tantrum
He'll fucking flip on ya

Cus' nobody put's baby in the corner
I'm only trying to warn ya
Cus that baby get's mad
And get's to throwing a tantrum
He'll fucking flip on ya

[Verse 2]
What goes through an addict's brain?
Besides static pain and big daddy kane
Break, beats and words
An erratic train of thought
Like splatter paint
Scatter brain
Yeah maybe why that explains
Why you're back but you don't rap the same
And you're looking way thinner
Because your hunger got you looking like
A took away dinner
Sugar ray leonard wouldn't sugar coat
a fucking booger though
Just to wipe that bitch on a hooker's coat
When you say you're a chooka what chooka what
Now fling that bitch from your fingertips
I hope it lands on another rap singers lips
Who can't think of shit
Anything of wit, that's intresting to spit
Whose king of this fucking english lit?
Let your middle fingers flip
On each hand, whilst extending this shit
How low can you go?
Lower then Chuck D ho
Hear the bass of this in my voice
Rocky's back, where's my adrian
Nobodies crazy as shady in an eighty million mile radius
I'm what Tom Brady is to the patriots of rap
Not a man, I'm a weapon
Who just happened to be a rapper
Who just happen to be on the crapper
When it happened I had an epiphany
In the bathroom, I'd never be the same after
Now I'm back with an apper-tite
For destruction the fucking recipe for disaster
So let's eat cos' I'm fammished
Every deed is a bastardly one
Evil its past it
Even you asking for me to be pulled
Like to people
Is like me having my teeth pulled


[Verse 3]

Composição: Marshall Mathers

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