Emerson, Lake And Palmer

Love At First Sight

Emerson, Lake And Palmer

Girls, oh there were girls
but they were just part of the social whirl
and I never took much notice
until the night that I met you.

Standing out there alone
out on the terrace under the moon
from the moment that I kissed you
my life turned into a dream.

I knew I loved you at first sight
and that you loved .. me.
Was it really happening, or was it a dream ?

I asked if you'd be mine
feeding the white doves by the Serpentine
and when you said forever
I know that I almost cried.

You all in white
the tears and the laughing
nearly losing the damn ring
Yes, I do ... Yes, I will... keep you from harm.

Those few short days
we spent together
remembered forever
all the plans - for the house and for the children.

I know I loved you at first sight
and that you loved ..me.
Did it really happen then, or was it a dream ?

I knew when I saw your face
opening orders, the time and the place
oh, don't worry it won't last long
and I won't be far away
I'll try to write every day...

Composição: Keith Emerson, Peter Sinfield

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