Emerson, Lake And Palmer

Learning To Fly

Emerson, Lake And Palmer

Emerson, Lake and Powell

Jungles where the tigers sleep
The neon glares
And talk is cheap
Stairways that lead to dreams
You turn around
A siren screams

Energy glows in the heart of the city
You stand in the shadows or reach for the sky
This time the promise is not just illusion
I'm heading for glory, I'm learning to fly

Out there you feel the heat
It's face to face, I cross the street
Help me I've done a fare
I need a ride
So take me there

Everything's moving out of the city
They murder with kisses and then wonder why
Everyone's looking out over their shoulder
We've all gotta jump so I'm learning to fly

I see a figure there, look back at me
I stand and stare
Searching for sanity
To break the force of gravity

Learning to fly
Learning to fly
Learning to fly

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