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Not Your Fool


Today I learned that my friends
They won't always stay with me
Today I learned that these people showing love
They're gossiping

And my feet are innocent
My soul it understands that
These people know I really ain't got nowhere to go
I said I got nowhere to go, oh oh

We ain't gonna do this no more
No, I said, that I'm not your fool
We ain't gonna do this no more
Oh I said, I said, I'm not your fool
I'm not your fool

She said to me fool
Puff puff pass that spirit fruit
I need to leave this city
And that this dirty bed just won't do

And so do you
Boy if you wanna fly with the eagles
Can't kick it with no seagulls

Compositor: Brooke Stromberg

Letra enviada por Hanna Velloso

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