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Unleashing The Propaganda

Elysian Fields

The aggrieved virtue
Seeks the doves of grace
In aspiration
And pursue of innocence
White wings to follow angels
A premature form of conquest

Words stolen from life
Intentions untold
Insightful meanings
Visual delights still breathing

As the soil hosts
The stench of failure
Enlivens the oppression
Eclipsing the majestic night skies

A Wicked paradise
Embraces my dim light
Enlightening the sorrows
Bleeding my last cries

Struggles and intrigues
Collections of (celestial) prosperity
Scars and shriveled hopes
Wounds inflicted by dismay

Light never surpassed
The obscure ego
The dungeon, my own flesh
The filthy caress

Light never heals
And grief's becoming
Your filthy caress
Light never heals
Overshadowing the
Illuminated progenies

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