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Sweet Condenser

Elysian Fields

So over the moon baby
I should be put away for your safety
Alabaster under axis glide
Sweet condenser of the night
Astrometric glitter galvanize
Catapulting opal light

And you're freaking out
On the high wire
Get used to the view
You're going higher

Firmament unreeling blunted stars
Shafts of luster you incite
To the chalice buried underground
Chanting maps of second sight

And the kingdom bows
Under lotus clouds haunted
Looking through me now
And still not daunted

Savage castaways bloody
Through uncharted seas
Me/you study

Crimson curtain
Kissing rooted vine
Spasm silvering sublime
Folding oceans into rivers wild
All creation now complies

And the climate rise
Making sure that I don't drift off

I'll be back again in time for lift off
And we'll take it
Out of the stratosphere
Yeah, we'll take it out
Wouldn't that be queer
Wouldn't that be queer

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