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I Am Your Willing Darkness

Elysian Fields

When there was no heaven
And chaos prevailed in all thoughts
When he decided to alter reality
And thought he could direct a play

When water and
Earth formed in one
Then life was created
A maidenly breed
Seeking for answers
(Then) It all begun,
(Then) It all took shape

And years passed
And millions of wishes
And years passed
And millions of wishes
Remained unfulfilled

How things have altered?
How fierce they have become
How sorrow has prevailed?
How hatred overpowered
The rights of God

In a lifetime of hostility
And anger flowing from the heart
A dismal twilight unfolds
The essence
Catharsis draws near
The vestal path
Shall be again

I am here for evermore

Endeavors to see
Glory reviving
Passion enriched by will
Mankind stands restless
The vastness of eternity

Action reflecting
Throughout the centuries
The perseverance
For domination

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