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Enshield My Hate Eternal

Elysian Fields

An ireful descent, so impending
The onward for harmony to come
Millenium has sealed the domination
The invincibles prevail so grand

Grant me all your sorrow
For I grow strong
Feed my love's slavery
Your dim beauty I shall crush

I am praised by my own kind
My forefathers' fulmination
For aeons sanctified

And my hate becomes a spell
A veil (as strong) as black
The venom is now in vein
My genre, the enlightened ones

When the tears shall weaken your hearts
And the ages shall open wounds
Under the neverending light
I'll emerge as hate eternal

Grant me all your virtue
For I grow strong
Feed me with your gospels
Your dim beauty I shall crush

As grand, as grim, as love
So pale your faith

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