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Bum Raps & Love Taps

Elysian Fields

Teardrop on your cheek
How many woes you speak
You’ve been alone for so long
When did you forget your song?
When was your last kiss?
How many lovers will you miss?
You’re tired and you’re lonely now
You don’t have to be lonely now
Time will not wait
Though you pushed it aside
Don’t be afraid
Oh faded bride
Little bird out on a limb
It’s getting cold out
And I can’t invite you in
Better not hold out
Better fly away from here
And leave behind your fear
Nothing is certain now
And no one can show you how
Faith you couldn’t brave
Finally you’ve been betrayed
Oh this dark wave
Knocked you down and swept you away
And the old 78 is skipping
Better be there when the band starts playing
Oh ruined maid
All the love you couldn’t save
Now it’s getting late
Slip softly into starlight
Time to turn away
They’ve been waiting on the other side
Don’t be afraid
Slip softly into starlight
Slip softly into starlight

Compositor: Jennifer Charles

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