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Song For Festvity

Elliot Minor

Elliot Minor - Song For Festvity

Hear me crying, how could you?
Broken glass is shared across the floor,
I'll tell you now what I told you once before,
I'll be there for you

[Verse 1]
You sit alone and wonder why,
What happened here tonight,
Just a moment in disguise,
I lift my head up to the sky,
It haunts me every time,
An illusion of the mind

[Pre chorus]
Dancing around,
Sitting on your own,
Needless to say,
I should have known


[Verse 2]
And when theres nothing left for me to say,
We're going diferent ways,
There's only good left in this place,
And when you feel your out of luck,
The girl you like, she stood you up, again!
I'm left out in the cold

[Pre chorus]


I'll be standing in the snow,
Breathing in the cold,
And I just cant forget about, forget about,
Things sold under section A,
But everything is changing now


[Chorus] and [Bridge] combined

I'll be there for you!

by cahweibe

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