Elle King

It Girl

Elle King

Shake the Spirit

You know I hate to wait
So I always put out on the first date
My reputation's grey
Just ask any of my first dates

In middle school I wasn't very cool, but
Slutty girls taught me the golden rule

To be a hit
It's all in the wrist
You could be the it girl
If you use a little spit girl

Just take this advice from me
You might be as popular as can be
You'll be the it girl
You'll be the shit girl
You'll be the hit call girl
You'll be the it girl
You'll be the shit girl
Show us your tits!

To be a tough girl
You gotta wrap it up girl
If it ain't enough girl
You can always nip it the butt girl

Momma's actin' so innocent, don't doubt it
When she was your age she was all about it

Boys are dicks
It hurts a little but it's quick
Just the tip girl
(It's never just the tip girl)

So next time they talk some shit
All you gotta do is blow them
A little kiss

Fuckin' blow them a kiss
That's it
Or you can shot me down

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