"just one minute" she said, and left me
waiting in her living room,with her dolls and her old clocks collection
she turned off the light, she turned off the light, and got dressed in black

Over the window, the storm was ready to wet the gloomy depress of the city
Her dummies were wathcing a me,her weird dummies were watching me, i couldn´t stay

On a sudden something killed the silence, a strange wail, so frail
through the breach of her heart through the breach of her life
the bizzare song, was beating beating inside

Ellen Ellen, hold me tight
Ellen Ellen just close your eyes and feel,,
the real life is not here

a soundtrack for a burial, a soundtrack for dead romances
(i swear for goth, i'll ask your soul to dance)

a tombstone tune beats, a tombstone tune bang

(i swear for goth, ill ask your soul for just one dance

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