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Leave Me Alone, I'm Home


Leave me alone
Let me drown in my ocean
Like a heavy stone

Let me hit the bottom
Come back to where I came from
Let me press the start button
And write my own sad song

Leave me alone
I'm at the right place
The one I call home

Let me feel the sand
The pressure of the water
Let me understand me
My thoughts keep getting louder

So leave me alone
Just for a few nights
I'm under my dome
Let me open my eyes

Let me open my eyes
Let me open my mouth
Let me open my ears
Hear the silence when I shout

Let me feel my bones
Carrying my miserable soul
Thousands of heavy stones
Stoning everything I know

See I don't need you to take me home tonight
I still haven't found the way to be good and I
Want you to let me go so I can learn to strive
Need you to say goodbye

See I don't need you to worry
Don't want you in this mess
Don't want you to come closer
You need to get out fast

Just close the door when you leave
Don't try to hear my breath
I swear I'll reach for you
If I find my way back

Leave me alone, I'm home

Letra enviada por Leandro Saueia

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