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Call Of The Sea


In deepest past a boy had a dream
To go out to sea and find the freedom
To challenge the oceans and ride the storm
To seek the honour and reach the sky

Fulfill your dreams...

After a drunken night he hired on a ship
The "Soldier of Fortune" - an omen of gods
With hopeful eyes he looked to the sea
Lost in thoughts of eternal blue

The journey begins...

The ship sailed away - escorted with hope
But after a week alone on the sea
The clouds turned black and a storm came to play
The force of nature began to act

I can hear the words of the gods
I can feel my time has come
To die...

Broken dreams sank to the ground
Hopelessness comes and sanity fades

Defenseless in the raging storm
A crying wind which pushes me down
The giant waves which play with me
A new born grave was opened in
The sea...

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