Open Season

Eleanor Friedberger

New View

Have you seen the movie yet?
There's a lot about it in the press
It made me think of you
Did it make you think of me?

Is it freezing over there?
I'm moping in [?]
That's my new hobby

25, 000 reasons
And all you need is one
Open season has begun

I may be over in the spring
To do a little spring cleaning
I don't know where you are
But you're not home in video streaming

Where we got a place together
That was never my address
Now here's the scene

It's as though I lost my voice
I couldn't make you do it
And now I have no choice

25 thousand reasons
And you only needed one
Open season has begun, begun

There are many distractions
Sapping on my energy
Did you find the antique needles?
And the money in the ceiling?

No need to thank me
I left it where you'd find it
Beneath the [?]

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