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Colour Fields


The Take Off and Landing of Everything

An open door is calling you
To a field of free
To a haze of blue
To a state of mind
Of a deepest sleep
From the crucified to a sweet release
From a black despair to a love affair
In the colour field from the colour field

War is red, peace is blue
But to hope for red
Is not enough
One misguided missiles
Clouds for the bible
The hand's reaching down controlling your life
You get no choice at all
When you're asked to decide
You'll dig your own grave
When you spirit has died

All the doors are locked
When a tear is knocked
The colour field the colour field

All you need is a piece of mind
But even that is hard to find
It could be under or upper or
On me or down below
Rotting you lost all control
The dream's gotten cold
It's kind of sad
Search your soul
To the colour field the colour field

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