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Do you remember??
If you do, which is this???...

The dreams are
Infinite realities
Of weak worlds
For our reality

Beautiful faces
And ethereal bodies
Here are just worldly
And trivial realities
That inhabits the earth’s moan

If into another time
And space
I saw you,
Just your aura’s echo I remember
Fluttering like a Dragonfly
From among my dreams.

In spite of I saw
You’re neither real nor eternal
The psyque’s labyrinth
Catches my being
And your present figure
It’s not a heaven of peace
Maybe just scorn

From a stoned
And everlasting shape
That lays into my mind

Extinted pieces
From a past time
Spins each other
Just to tell me
That here you are
That in a past time was…
I can’t remember and I want to ask:

Do you remember?

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